The most important thing you can do to keep your phone safe when you’re out and about

Apple has made some changes to its iOS security software, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement, including the lock screen, lock screen notifications, and the Apple Watch.

The New York Mag’s Aaron Sorkin has the rundown of all the iOS changes, and it includes several of our favorite features and tricks for getting your iPhone or iPad locked down.


Install a lock screen app: A lock screen notification lets you know that a person or group of people is nearby and gives you the option to lock your device.

The app also displays an alarm if you’re not careful.

You can also choose to show a lock icon and a notification if your device has been unlocked.2.

Disable Touch ID for new users: You can set your iPhone to turn on Touch ID if you upgrade your device, but this can be a pain if you use your phone frequently, and if you need to unlock it when you are away from your iPhone.


Disable the lock icon on the lock page: This will make your lock page easier to navigate and open when you enter a new location.4.

Change the default lockscreen notifications: You don’t need to do this, but it is handy if you want to be able to lock down your iPhone with a single tap on the lockscreen.5.

Turn off Touch ID and notification for all users: This option also prevents Touch ID from showing when you have a device locked.6.

Disable lock screen widgets: You’ll be able’t use your Lock screen widgets unless you’re an iOS user who likes to use them.7.

Enable a single-tap unlock for all devices: This is a great option if you have more than one device and you’re in a location that requires unlocking.8.

Disable all notifications for the lock pages and lockscreen: This might be a useful way to make sure you’re getting notifications when someone tries to unlock your device before you lock it down.9.

Disable iOS 11 notifications: This means that iOS 11 users won’t be getting notifications for lockscreen widgets and other notifications.10.

Disable notification sounds: This can be handy if your iPhone is locked up all the time.11.

Disable Apple Watch notifications: Apple Watch users will be able only receive notification sounds when their watch is nearby, but they’ll also be notified when the watch is near.12.

Disable third-party lock screen apps: Some third-parties are making their own lock screen services, like Lockbox.

This is great for Apple Watch owners, but could be annoying for people with other devices.13.

Disable Lock Screen lock screen icons: This feature is useful if you only have one device.14.

Disable Face ID notifications: We’re not big fans of Face ID, but for people who do, it might be worth a try.15.

Disable iCloud backup: iCloud backups are now automatically deleted when you turn your iPhone off.16.

Disable Siri on lock screen: Siri is now hidden from lock screen menus.17.

Disable a quick access shortcut: This shortcut lets you quickly access the lock menu or notification shade.18.

Disable “Show All Settings” notification: This quick access feature is also useful for people using their iPhones for work or other activities.19.

Turn on Bluetooth audio: This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you do this it will probably make you want your iPhone even more.20.

Disable airplane mode: You’re better off disabling airplane mode, but you might want to turn it on again.

You’ll still have to manually turn off airplane mode each time you turn it off.21.

Disable Notification Center: This lets you customize the way notifications are shown in the notification shade, but Apple is also adding a new feature called Notification Center, which allows you to see the latest notifications on your iPhone and iPad from anywhere on your phone.22.

Disable Camera lock: The iPhone is still a great camera phone for shooting videos, but when it comes to selfies, it’s really a bad idea to use it.23.

Disable Auto Unlock for all: This should help some iPhone users who’ve been using their phone for work and other activities, but users who are using their phones for everyday tasks may not need it.24.

Disable iMessage: It might seem like this is a way to turn off iCloud, but many people use iMessage as a way for people to send messages on a variety of devices.25.

Disable Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi: These two features will make sure your iPhone won’t get stuck in a Wi-FI hotspot or a Bluetooth 4, Wi-fi, or LTE-only network.26.

Disable Safari in the Notification shade: This has been a hot topic in recent months, but Safari is still an essential part of the iOS operating system, and many users may not be using it.27.

Disable Messages: Messages is one of