Wal-Mart’s locker codes are coming back for a second time

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Walmart’s locker code will return to Wal-Marts shelves, but it won’t be in stock online

In its place, the retailer said customers will be able to order new locker codes at its stores, through its mobile app or through its online store.

The new codes will be available at Walmart’s stores beginning Wednesday, and by the end of the year, the online store will offer new locker code options for customers.

The codes will not be available for use at Wal-mart’s online store or at its physical stores, the company said.

    Wal-Mart said it will offer a free $3 coupon to customers ordering a new locker from the online or physical stores.

    It also plans to offer new codes for those who need to change a locker for a fee or have their locker swapped out with a different one.

    The codes will only be available to people who have the right type of insurance, Wal-Man said.

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Walmarts new lock code to go nationwide

Walmart will start rolling out new lock codes for its stores and online store beginning Wednesday.

The retailer said the new codes would be available in stores beginning at 7 a.m. and online by the middle of the week.

They’ll be available online through Wal-Stores website, through mobile apps and through its Walmart.com and Walmart.ca websites.

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How to get a new lock for your Walmart locker

The new codes are a fun way to keep your store safe, and you can get one for free from your store or online store, by clicking here.


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