How to lock your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 console at Amazon locker codes

You can lock your console at a lock box, an Amazon locker, an online lock box or an Amazon app.

The lock box is where you get to select the type of lock and lock the console.

The online lock is a physical lock box and requires you to have your Xbox Live ID and Xbox account.

The Xbox Live locker is a cloud-based app that works on all of your Xbox One consoles and can unlock all of them at once.

The Playstation 3 locker is the lock that’s only available at the store, but it requires you be on a console that supports the PlayStation app.

You can download the Playstation 3 lock app on your phone, iPad or PC, but you won’t be able to lock a console or console app on it until you have an Xbox One console.

You’ll also need an Amazon account.

Here are the lock codes you can choose from: