John Locke lost to hitch lock locker decorations

John Locke’s disappearance from a remote beachside cabin in New Zealand in February 2014 has left an enduring mystery, but now the mystery of what happened to the famous explorer has been solved.

Locke’s wife, Kate, said on Sunday that she had received a phone call from a member of the public who had seen a lock on Locke’s cabin door, saying he had been locked inside.

Locoke, who died in 2012, was in his tent with a group of Australian backpackers, but they were left to fend for themselves when the cabin’s occupants lost communication with the authorities.

A man who identified himself as a member with the local police told the ABC the lock was locked with a key that was left inside.

“They said it was a very unusual lock, it was quite a long lock, but it did have a small button on the side, but not the key, which I don’t think they have said anything about,” the man said.

“There was no sign of the key in there.

I’ve never heard of a lock like that before, it must have been quite a special lock.”

It was locked and unlocked, and it was locked in a very strange way. I don