What happens when a liquor locker goes missing?

It’s not a common occurrence, but this one did happen.

The locksmiths office at a liquor store in New York City has been without a liquor cabinet since August.

The store has been closed since August, and it’s not clear when the locksmith will reopen.

A spokeswoman for the liquor store said the locks have not been working for more than a month.

The owner of the store, a man named Paul, told ABC News he was surprised to hear of the lock-up because he’s never had a problem with lock-ups.

He said that even though he’s an experienced lock-picking lock-maker, he has no experience with the kind of problems that have arisen in the liquor locker.

The New York State Department of Health said in a statement that the Department of Liquor Control and Licenses has not seen the problem reported by the locks’ owner.

“We are not aware of any other locks in the city that have reported the same problem,” the statement said.

The department said the department will continue to investigate the problem.