How to buy Apple stock after the FBI announcement: The next step

Apple stock is trading at a record high, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s announcement on Friday could be a tipping point for many of its investors.

The stock could drop to a low $150, and some investors will be forced to sell their Apple stock.

Here are three ways to get in on the action.

The FBI announced on Friday that it is investigating a suspected “cyber-espionage ring” that allegedly stole customer data, financial information, and other sensitive information from the iCloud and Apple accounts of thousands of iPhone and iPad owners, as well as the iCloud accounts of millions of iCloud users around the world.

The investigation is ongoing and the FBI is notifying the public of any new developments.

However, a person familiar with the matter told CNNMoney that Apple has a “tipping point” right now, where Apple is “a great candidate” for being a target of hackers.

“The next step is for the FBI to announce the findings and then people can start to look for opportunities to get into the stock,” the person said.

The person added that the FBI “will not stop until Apple is caught.”

The FBI is also looking at whether there are any other individuals who are connected to the alleged cyber-espy ring.

It is not clear if the investigation is connected to any current cases, though.

The news has prompted Apple to increase the amount of money it pays to its customers, including for data and for lawyers, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

The company has been a favorite target of both the FBI and hackers.

The FBI last year released a report that said it has been targeting the Cupertino, California, tech company since 2013.

Apple has had to deal with the fallout of the FBI’s investigation for the last several years, including a public court hearing in September 2015 in which it argued against the release of documents to the public.

The hearing led to the FBI not releasing the documents.

Apple is also now seeking more money from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for an upcoming $600 million purchase of Time Warner Cable.

Apple filed for bankruptcy protection in August and the company announced it would sell off nearly $1.3 billion in assets.