Why are you still using the iPhone 8 Plus?

This is a question many of us are asking, as Apple is planning to unveil the iPhone X this fall, which will be the company’s biggest iPhone yet.

The iPhone X will be made by Apple, and it will be much more powerful than its predecessor, the iPhone 7, which has sold a whopping 6 million units in its first year.

This year’s iPhone X is expected to sell for $1,000 and come with a 64-bit processor, 12GB of storage, and an aluminum unibody design.

While we’ve already had a look at the iPhone 10S and iPhone X, Apple is reportedly planning on offering an iPhone Xs, too.

The phone will be available to preorder starting today, and we expect to see it hitting stores in September.

This iPhone X’s biggest selling point, according to the company, is its ability to lock its phone by a small, raised button located on the bottom of the phone.

This button unlocks the phone, and the iPhone will also automatically reboot when the phone is turned on.

However, the button doesn’t appear to be as robust as that of its iPhone 7 sibling.

In addition, the buttons on the iPhone 9 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus are much smaller and have less “friction.”

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8s are currently the only iPhones in the world that can lock their phones without a button press.

This feature is a big deal for iPhone users, who have been using iPhones for years to lock their devices, even after the iPhone lock was introduced in the iPhone 6s and 7.

The biggest advantage of the iPhone’s new lock feature is that it makes unlocking your iPhone faster and easier.

While the iPhone locks your phone automatically, this feature is much faster and more convenient.

When you press the unlock button, the phone will automatically lock itself, and you won’t have to physically press the button to unlock it.

This means that you can actually hold the phone while you are walking around the house to unlock your phone.

It’s also faster and less frustrating to unlock the phone than it was before.

Apple is also rumored to be working on a new version of the Apple Watch.

It would feature the same sensors, the same cameras, and a new interface.

According to some reports, the new Apple Watch will be smaller, lighter, and faster than the iPhone.

The watch will also have an improved camera, though it’s not clear if it will include the same camera that is found on the Apple EarPod.

The new Apple watch will reportedly come with sensors that will allow it to detect your heartbeat, and will have a fingerprint scanner.

It will also feature new heart rate monitors that will enable you to easily track your heart rate.

The Apple Watch also will have an audio recorder that will be able to record audio while you’re using your phone and will also record the audio of your heart.

The heart rate monitor will also be able record data when you’re walking.

If you’re looking for a good way to save money, Apple recently introduced a new loyalty program that gives iPhone owners the option to buy a free iPhone X if they buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7s.

It is worth noting that the new iPhone X does not come with an iPhone charger, but it does come with one free iPhone 8 charger, so you can use your phone while it is charging.

In the US, Apple’s loyalty program is available to customers in 36 states and Washington, D.C. The loyalty program will expire on June 30, 2018, and all iPhone X users in the United States will have to buy the phone back.