How to Tell If a Woman Is in a Relationship with a Guy

“I am a man.”

And I have a man who has made it his mission to make me feel like a woman.

I am a woman who has been given a man.

I have been given manhood.

And I am going to be a woman, John L. Locke, the legendary TV writer who created the show How I Met Your Mother, told National Geographic.

The show has since spawned its own spinoff, How I Live With Your Family, and the new series The Way We Met.

And while the show and L.C.’s character remain intact, the new episodes bring a bit of freshness to the show, as well as a new spinoff series, The Way to Life.

The new series centers on two brothers named Johnny and Johnny Jr., and the series centers around their struggles to stay in love, as their father, Johnny, embarks on a road trip that will take him to different places and times.

L.L.C. has been interviewed by a few different media outlets over the years, but this is the first time we have heard from him.

Here are the highlights from our conversation with him: