WATCH: Obama on Kavanaugh confirmation: ‘This is a man that has been through so much’

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has emerged as a favorite of President Donald Trump’s, with the president urging Gorsuch to get to work on his confirmation hearings.

Trump’s former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus told reporters that the president has “total confidence” in Gorsuch, who is the only sitting member of the court to have served as a judge.

Trump made a point of saying on Wednesday that the confirmation of Gorsuch will be a “terrific” vote for the president.

Trump has said he has “a lot of faith” in the judge, whom he has repeatedly called “a great jurist.”

Gorsuch has been widely seen as a reliable vote on his agenda, though the president’s personal feelings on the nomination have not been a major factor.

Trump also has not taken a position on the fate of Merrick Garland, who has been nominated by Democratic President Barack Obama to replace the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia.

The two sides are now back at the bargaining table over Garland, with Democrats urging Garland to get on the court while Republicans insist he should stay on the bench and not be considered for the post.

The White House is also preparing to release details of its tax plan, which Trump said was going to be a great tax cut for middle class families.

But a spokeswoman for Trump did not respond to a request for comment on the tax plan during the hearing, and a White House official later clarified that it was not expected to be unveiled before the end of the week.

The hearing was the second on Gorsuch, following his confirmation hearing in February.

He also was grilled about his views on a number of other issues during his confirmation.

Trump told reporters at the time that he was looking forward to getting to know Gorsuch, though he was not clear about whether the senators were on the same page on the judge.

“I think we’ll get to know each other better,” Trump said at the hearing.

Trump was asked during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing whether he believed the American people were being misled by the media about Gorsuch’s opinions on abortion.

He replied: “We’ll see what happens.”