Which NFL players have been caught using code to boost their team’s odds of winning the Super Bowl?

By now, the hashtag #TeamLockdown is trending.

It’s the most popular trending topic on Twitter and Instagram.

Here are the top five:The San Francisco 49ers: The Niners have already lost two of their last four Super Bowls, including a 21-21 tie to the Carolina Panthers in January.

They also haven’t won the NFC West since 2006.

This year’s squad is on the verge of being one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

The Pittsburgh Steelers: It’s tough to make an argument for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the NFL’s best team.

They’ve won six of their past seven Super Bowl titles, including two in the last three seasons.

But the Steelers are a bit of a surprise to most people.

Their offense is so effective that it could be the reason the franchise is in the Superbowl right now.

The Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs have been on a tear since Alex Smith retired in 2018, winning the AFC West in 2017 and 2017’s Super Bowl.

But Kansas City is also one of just three teams in history to win the Superdome four straight years.

The Chiefs could have a chance to claim the franchise’s first championship since 2010.

The Cleveland Browns: They’ve already made it to the Superbowl four straight seasons.

And now they’re one of two undefeated teams in football, with a chance at a fourth title in the process.

The Browns might not have to worry about the top of the AFC South.

They could face the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.