What is Google smart lock?

Google has announced it will be giving out $20 to $50 Google smart locks to anyone who can come up with a clever way to unlock your phone.

The company says it will offer up the keys to the public for a year and anyone can enter a valid email address to claim the keys.

If a person can’t enter a unique email address the Google smart key will be forfeited.

Google says it also will offer the keys free of charge to people who buy a smart lock and make sure they have the required Google account to use it.

Google smart locks are a great idea because they give you the ability to keep your phone safe and secure.

Google says it has been working on smart locks for years, but they haven’t really caught on with consumers.

Google also says the smart lock can be programmed to automatically lock a device when the user enters a specific code.

You’ll need to enter a code every time the phone is unlocked.

Google said it will also give away keys to any person who wants to make a contribution to its research and development.