‘We’re just trying to keep our kids safe’: Mum of 4-year-old shot by cops says they’ve been ‘terrified’

By David BeasleyMum of 4 year-old killed in shooting by Chicago police on Chicago’s West Side has ‘never been scared’ by her death.

The mom, who has been named as Brittany Carter, said the family had been told the officers were not using live ammunition and the family was not in danger.

But she said: ‘When we were at the police station and they said there were four officers that were on the scene, they just started shooting at us.’

It was like, “Oh, it’s just an accident”.’

I’ve been in a lot of situations like this, where I’ve heard police say, “This is an accident”,’ she told the Chicago Sun-Times.

She added: ‘It’s very terrifying.

They said they were not in harm’s way.’

I never imagined that I would die.

I never thought that I was going to die like this.’

As I’m sitting in the police car with the officer and the paramedics, it just makes you feel like there’s a huge difference between us and the people that are being killed every day.’

Ms Carter was taken to the hospital where she later died.

Her family told the Sun-Now they were unable to give a cause of death and police declined to provide a statement.

The incident sparked a debate on social media about whether police should have used live ammunition in the event of an accident.’

The cops are going to use live ammunition for all they’re going to do because they have no reason to shoot you,’ Brittany Carter’s mother, Brittany Carter told WGN television.

‘If it’s an accident, they shouldn’t be using it.’

However, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the officers’ actions were justified.’

This officer did nothing wrong.

He made the right decision to use deadly force and it was justified,’ he said.

The officer, who was not identified, has been placed on administrative leave and his name was not released.