New Zealand’s most beautiful city is getting a new name

Tembi is the capital of the Southern Islands and the country’s largest city.

The name has been applied to the area around the new airport in the city’s center.

It means “City of the Skies” in English, and is the same as the city in the New Zealand flag.

“It’s a little bit like a small town in the sky,” said Tembi City Council Member Simon Sill.

The council is looking for a new naming option that reflects the city as a whole.

“Tembi is so much more than a city.

It’s a symbol for New Zealand,” he said.

“I’m not trying to put a price tag on it, but we do need to be creative with it and try to use other words or phrases that will resonate with New Zealanders.”

The council will be asking the public to suggest a name for Tembi.

The public can submit their ideas through the website, where anyone can submit up to four words or less.

Sill said he thinks it’s a good idea to start from a name that has a lot of international recognition.

“The term ‘tembi’ comes from the area where we are located, where we have this airport,” he explained.

“We want to use that term to bring people here from around the world to our capital city, so people know that it’s not a one-off event.

It’ll give us an identity that we can share with the world.”