You can lock up your liquor locker with a window lock

Posted by Wired on Monday, January 19, 2020 08:16:50In an effort to encourage more people to lock their liquor locker doors, the company behind the popular Beer Lock is releasing a new product in the form of a window locks that can be attached to the sides of the door.

The Beer Lock has been around for years and has been sold by various brands, but this is the first time that a beer lock can be added to the door of a liquor locker.

The Beer Lock comes in various sizes ranging from 1-inch to 3.75-inch in height.

The lock can also be attached on top of the liquor locker by attaching a plastic hook on the front of the locker and a locking collar.

When you’re locked out, the locks automatically shut off and can be deactivated with a button on the door, but you’ll need to manually close the door before it shuts off.

The locks can be connected to an audio system via Bluetooth and can also work with the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto apps.

“The Beer lock can make the door a bit more secure for those that wish to lock up their liquor,” the company said.

“It also includes a handy locking collar that can make for a comfortable lock when you’re not using the lock.

The locking collar can be used with most other lockers as well, such as those for liquor or coffee.

The key is a standard 1-milliliter keychain and the Beer Lock can even fit into the side of the lock.”

The Beer Locker is available for $99.99 on and has an MSRP of $139.99.