Why do people still lock their phones in their car?

Locked cars have become a hot topic after two men in Michigan were caught burglarizing cars on their way to work and the lock on their cars also locked them in.

On Saturday, two men were found in a locked car in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

One of them was taken into custody after the car was spotted in a parking lot, police said.

Police found an iPhone 5C, a cell phone in the vehicle, and a locked laptop in a second car.

Police also found a lock code on the laptop that had a “lock” on it.

The locks on both cars were unlocked and the locks were “not functional,” police said in a news release.

The Grand Rapids Police Department said they were not sure if the locks on the cars were damaged, if they were working or if the lock codes were broken.

The two men will face charges of burglary, auto theft and grand theft.