Watch the video on how to buy a smart door lock

A video on the Google YouTube channel shows how to purchase a door safety locking system from Kwiksets.

The video shows the product in action, with the door lock and the sliding door being shown off.

The company says that the lock system uses a technology that can be controlled from anywhere in the house, such as by a remote control, to help prevent intruders from opening or closing the door.

“When you lock your door, you’re locking yourself from getting in or out of your home.

The more secure you lock, the less chance of a burglar getting in.

But, with this device, we’re able to lock a door, lock the lock, and then lock the door,” the video explains.

The lock also works for people who live in other rooms, so the lock can be used to prevent someone else from entering the room.

It’s also important to note that Kwiets’ product doesn’t have any “back door” technology, which means that people who don’t have the technology in their house would need to install an external lock, which would not be the case with the Kwikees.

However, the company says it will make a “significant effort” to include “backdoor” technology into its next product.